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Strategy and the ability to adapt to changing market conditions have long been the key factors to success in the Agricultural Industry. Resources and equipment is often spread over vast geographic areas, and one of the key challenges farmers in this sector have faced has been the monitoring and control of these assets.

Brando Communications ’ range of products have been developed to assist farmers with managing this process, by ensuring that relevant information is made available through a unique GSM/GPRS and Satellite communications platform.

“The cost of visiting sites or in some cases manually managing sites and the monitoring of operations efficiencies can be staggering. With the Brando Communications range of products, the farmer(s) can now access information to manage their:
- Boreholes
- Dams
- Irrigation systems
- Generators
- Eskom electricity supply
- Security requirements,
- Vehicles
- Solar Panels
- Live Stock. Early warning system on movement of animals within the covered area.
as well as mobile assets remotely via the internet.

“Our core focus is empowering our clients and allowing them to transform their business by using the information that our systems provide in such a manner that both increases efficiency and decreases operational costs.”

 The Brando Communications product line and brand is proving to be extremely valuable to the Agricultural Industry, offering a real time tracking, monitoring and communication solution available via GSM/GPRS AND Satellite throughout South Africa and Africa, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

With these innovative solutions available from Brando Communications users are able to view information and operate systems from any location across the world. The system automatically sends an alarm to key staff notifying them, as an early warning system, via a cell phone of operation deficiencies that may cause a decrease in productivity and loss in revenue.

“The Brando Communications products offer farmers a huge competitive advantage in increasing operating efficiency as a result of cost savings, increase component uptime, i.e. pumps, irrigation systems and generators as well as emergency communication for event monitoring as well as security.